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ALL IN AI Characters

Following this stage, the characters will be tokenized and their owner will be able to grow and customize them as he pleases, including but not limited to:
We have a ground-breaking AI concept where we will let our investors create completely original and interactive characters using AI. These descriptions will include:
- Custom appearances;
- Custom voices;
- Customized intellect
All of this by providing a description in plain language.
The characters will then be tokenized, and their owner will be able to develop and customize them as he sees fit. He will be able to:
- Train the characters' intelligences;
- Customize their personalities;
- Modify the characters' gemerative outputs; and
- Use the characters in other dapps that use the ALL IN AI protocol.
Where, though, may we apply AIAI Characters?
  • Digital companions,
  • Virtual assistants,
  • Digital guides,
  • The AIAI self-investor will be created.