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The beginning of AI

Today, Artificial Intelligence encompasses a huge variety of subfields subfields, from general-purpose areas such as learning and perception, to specific tasks such as playing chess, demonstrating mathematical theorems, and diagnosing diseases. AI systematizes and automates intellectual tasks, and is therefore potentially relevant for any sphere of human intellectual activity. In this sense, it is truly a universal field. universal field. When approaching the concept of intelligence, we will see that it is a concept related to the construction of cognitive structures of the human being, responsible for the formation of reason, a peculiar characteristic when compared to other animals. As the human being is the only rational animal, it is said that he is the only intelligent being. There are studies that attribute the concept of intelligence to other animals and vegetables. But, obviously, it is not a concept comparable to that of human intelligence. human intelligence. It is, rather, a concept relative to the analysis in question: this irrational intelligence would be the capacity of a living being to adapt to the circumstances of its environment. In this way, we can use this concept for machine, defining, then, a machine intelligence.